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Open Views 22 brought together the best experts to discuss everything that is happening in the Latin American financial ecosystem.

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Opening Keynote: A new chapter in the financial technology

A new chapter in the financial technology revolution is being written in Latin America, and one of its main drivers is the open finance movement.

The VC and fintech hypergrowth in Latin America

Venture capitalists invested a record $15.3 billion in funding in Latin American firms during 2021—triple the funding raised in 2020. What are the reasons behind this trend?

The state of open banking regulation in Brazil

Brazil is rolling out its regulated open banking model. What’s the current state of this implementation, what are the next steps and how is it already benefiting companies, financial institutions, and end-users?

How can banks in Latin America benefit from open banking today?

As regulation moves forward, there are several ways banks can already take steps towards the adoption of open banking models. And benefits await those that decide to anticipate changes. What are they?

Ualá success story: the fintech revolution in Latin America

Founded in 2017, the Argentinian neobank Ualá became a unicorn in 2021 and is one of the flagship success stories in the Latin American fintech ecosystem. What’s the story behind the company?

How open banking will leverage PIX in Brazil?

PIX, rolled out by the Banco Central do Brasil in 2020, was built for efficiency and financial inclusion. It now has 107.5 million registered accounts. How will this system and open banking models work together?

How to build trust in open banking and the value of working with partners

Behind many beautifully crafted fintech UIs, there are layers of sophisticated engineering designed to make open finance a trustworthy experience. What are the keys to building reliable and safe APIs?

Building financial infrastructure to bank the next million in Latin America

Ray Shan, VP of Product at Belvo, shares what are some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into building API infrastructure to power the next generation of financial innovators in Latin America.

(Re)building credit with alternative data

Access to new sources of alternative data is redefining how lenders can build their risk assessment models. What are the key elements of this transformation and how can it benefit consumers in Brazil?

The state of open banking regulation in Mexico

The first phase of open banking has already rolled out in Mexico under the Fintech Law. What are the next steps expected in the country? And how can financial companies start adapting to these models?

Neon success story: neobanks and open finance, a love story

Neobanks are expanding rapidly across the globe. And Brazil is no exception. This neobank, which recently became a unicorn, already has 15 million registered accounts.

Will open finance be a game-changer for the investments ecosystem?

The investments ecosystem is undergoing unprecedented changes thanks to new fintech companies as well as to the emergence of open models that are facilitating the access and processing of investments data like never before.

The gig economy opportunity for fintechs in Latin America

Fintech companies are starting to tackle the gig economy market by building products tailored to the specific needs of these workers. And, on the other side, gig economy platforms themselves are starting to create their own financial platforms.

How to build secure and compliant customer journeys on top of open finance

Compliance is one of the most important aspects that regulated entities need to address to enter the open finance ecosystem. How does cloud infrastructure help achieve compliance without sacrificing agility? And how do automation and immutable infrastructure help with compliance and security?


Open Payments: What's next?

Open Finance is already revolutionizing the financial sector in Latin America. Soon, we will have Open Payments, further disrupting the industry. What can we expect?

UX best practices to improve conversion rates

What are the best practices to improve conversion rates in open finance? How to work with DevX? Check out how product design can be the best ally of open finance.

How to extract value from open finance

Since the beginning of the Open Finance movement in the UK, one of the biggest challenges has been to extract real value from this new model. How to use Open Finance to maximize results?


Albert Morales

General Manager for Brazil at Belvo

André Vilar

Founder & CEO at Monis

Angela Strange

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Antonio Rocha

CEO and co-founder at Onze

Arnoldo Reyes

Vice President Digital Partnerships at Visa

Bruno Diniz

Fintech Advisor

Carmela Gómez

Head of Global Open Banking at BBVA

Claudia Bellido

Financial Services Compliance Specialist at AWS

Diana Zamora Bonnet

Head of Public Policy, Mexico & Central America at Mastercard

Dileep Thazhmon

Cofounder and CEO of Jeeves

Diogo Silva Banco Central
Diogo Silva

Head of Division at Banco Central do Brasil

Erick Rincón Cardenas

Director at TicTank

Ernesto Calero

General director at Fintech Mexico

Esteban Domínguez

Head of Digital Business Development at Citibanamex

Felipe Cunha Head of Google Pay Partnerships in Latin America
Felipe Cunha

Head of Google Pay Partnerships in Latin America

Fernando González

Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Rappi

Fernando Gutiérrez

Journalist at El Economista

Giovanna Sutto

Reporter at Infomoney

Giuseppe Ciotta

VP of Engineering at Belvo

Glauber Mota

CEO of Revolut Brazil

Henrique Seije Nogueira

Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Afinz

Jesse Dhillon

Co-founder at Basis

Juan Guerra

CEO of Revolut Mexico

Karen Machado

Open Banking Executive Manager at Banco do Brasil

Larissa Arruy

Vice President Legal at Neon

Leandro Franco

Head of Payments Acceptance an Experience at Amazon BR

Leandro Pupe Nobrega

Operations Lead at Belvo

Leonardo Enrique Silva

Head of Open Banking at Serasa Experian

Mariana Cunha e Melo

Payments Strategy at Belvo

Mariana Franza

Chief Operating Officer at Ualá

Mary Ann Azevedo

Senior Reporter at TechCrunch

Matt Spitz

Head of Engineering at Vanta

Nick Shalek

General Partner at Ribbit Capital

Nicolas Szekasy

Co-founder & Managing Partner at Kaszek

Paula Martinelli

VP Product & Marketing at Neon

Ray Shan

VP of Product at Belvo

Rocío Robles

Partner at Tenet Consultores

Romina Seltzer

Senior Vice President at Visa - Products & Innovation


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