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Open Views 23 brought together the best experts to discuss everything that is happening in the Latin American financial ecosystem.

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The best content on trends in the world of fintech and Open Finance.

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Belvo will offer insights into the future of open finance in 2023. The discussion includes topics such as the growing adoption of open finance by financial institutions, and the emergence of new use cases for open finance.

Brazil is already a world leader in open finance regulation

On this panel, we explore Brazil’s regulatory framework for open finance and its role as a leader in the space. The discussion focus on what other regions can learn from Brazil’s approach to regulation, including best practices and potential challenges.

Fireside chat with Mercado Libre

On this fireside chat with one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Latin America, we discuss how the company has already built a legacy in Brazil, its impact in the region, and how innovation drives its successful strategy to stay ahead of the game

Fireside chat with Mercado Libre Mexico

Brigitte Brousset, Director of Business Financing at Mercado Crédito, discusses the success of Mercado Libre in Latin America and their financial brand, Mercado Pago.

Towards the personalization of services: digital banking trends in Mexico

The panel explores how banks in Mexico plan to use open banking to improve the user experience, reduce operating costs, increase competition, benefit small businesses, and improve the way loans are offered.

Automating ERPs with open finance

Topics of discussion include the challenges and benefits of integrating open finance into ERP systems, the latest tools and techniques for doing so, and the potential impact on businesses of all sizes.

Colombia’s next steps to regulate open finance

The panelists share their insights on the 2022 decree and discuss the next steps that need to be taken to ensure the continued growth and success of the open finance ecosystem in the country.

Fireside chat with Nu Colombia

In this fireside chat, we interview Óscar Cadena, Director of Public Affairs at Nu Colombia. What are the reasons behind the growing success of neobanks in Latin America? And what potential do they foresee in open finance models?

Will there be a Fintech 2.0 Law in Mexico?

Since the implementation of the Fintech Law in 2018, efforts have been made to regulate and promote open finance. Five years after its implementation, important advances can be observed in the regulation of open finance in Mexico, as well as challenges that still need to be faced.

Building credit scoring models with open finance

This panel brings together experts in the field to discuss the challenges and opportunities of using open finance data to build credit scoring models.

Fintech trends in 2023

Representatives from international venture capital funds discuss the emerging trends and opportunities in fintech for the upcoming year. The discussion will be focused on providing valuable insights into the key trends and developments that will shape the industry in 2023

Global open finance and A2A payment trends worldwide

We explore the latest developments and trends in open finance and account-to-account (A2A) payments around the world.


Workshop: Machine learning and open finance data

The workshop is led by Onur Simsek, Product Manager de Belvo, who shares his knowledge on how to effectively use machine learning algorithms to derive insights from open finance data.

Workshop: Improving credit decisions with open finance

Aritz Amanese, Credit Risk Manager at Belvo shares his knowledge on how to effectively use open finance data to evaluate creditworthiness and mitigate risk.

Workshop: A2A payments with open finance

Led by Ana Luiza Castro, Product Manager at Belvo, the workshop cover topics such as data access and privacy, payment processing, and user experience design, all within the context of open finance data.


Hugo Nájera

Head of Client Solutions at BBVA México

Jesper Henriksson

VP Corp Dev & New Markets at Tink

Maritza Pérez Bermúdez

Vicepresident of Personal Banking at Davivienda

Brigitte Brousset

Head Business Financing at Mercado Libre

Andres Suay

VP of Marketing at Trustly

Ludmila Volochen

Regional Director LATAM at FDATA

Gabriel Santos

Presidente Ejecutivo Colombia FinTech

Erick Rincón Cardenas

Director at TicTank

Adriana Camargo

Public Policy Lead at Belvo

Edwin Zacipa

Founder at Latam Fintech Hub

Phil Teixeira

Founder & CEO at Shapers

Nicolás Galvis

Products & Innovation Manager at Visa

Onur Simsek

Product Manager at Belvo

Adams Conrad

Principal at QED Investors

Matías Nuñez

Digital, Innovation and Remote Channels at Santander

Carlos Valencia

CEO Colombia at Transunion

Alex Servín

Head of Open Banking at BBVA

Janet Alonso

Customer Success Manager at Belvo

Luis Miguel Zapata

VP of Ecosystems at Bancolombia

Ana María Prieto

Payments Director at Banco de la República de Colombia

March Violante

Editor-in-chief at Emprendedor

Aritz Amasene

Credit Risk Strategy Manager Belvo

Paiak Vaid

Global Partnerships at Truelayer

Ximena Duque

President at Fedesoft

Sebastián de Lara

Policy Lead at Belvo

Luis Pontón

Digital Strategy and Data Manager at Banco de Bogotá

Julia de Luca

Tech at ItauBBA

Apoorva Goyal

Vice President at Insight Partners

Santiago Aldana

President at SoyYo

Daniel Issa

Head of Merchant Credit at Mercado Libre

Alex Wieland

Co-founder at Aplazo

Gabriel Gaspar

CEO da Nibo

Marcelo Martins

Director ABFintechs

Pablo Morales

Head for Latin America at FICO

Janaína Pimenta Attie

Head of Division at Brazil's Central Bank

Óscar Cadena

Public Affairs Director at Nu Colombia

Melissa Rojas

Marketing & Comms Manager Colombia at Belvo

Karol Benavides

FIs Account Executive

Mariel Vasquez

Head of Innovation HSBC México

Camilo José Hernández

Deputy Director of Prudential Regulation at URF

Silvia García, Kueski
Silvia García

Commercial Strategy & Planning at Kueski


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